The Facts

  • Works with or without the presence of blood

  • Can be seen by the color blind (1 out of 13 Caucasian males are color blind)

  • Wet or dry, is not affected by water. Will stay on the ground for days after a shot

  • Weighs approx. 51 grains (equivalent of 2 Tylenol gel caps)

  • Non- toxic, completely safe

  • Pope and Young recognized and approved


  • Works with most all types of arrows and broadheads

What is Illumanight?

Simply put, it is the most revolutionary tracking aid on the market. Scientifically engineered to perform at the archery level without affecting arrow flight. The Illumanator cartridge is a three piece polyriesenated plastic. It is comprised of an outer shell, inner piece, and end cap loaded with a specially designed pigment. Designed specifically for the archer in mind, Illumanight can guarantee a definite impact sight and direct line of travel on every shot.

  • Guaranteed impact sight on every shot

  • Works with or without blood

  • Provides direct line of travel to initiate recovery

  • Water Tolerant, stays on the ground for days after shot

How does Illumanight Work?

The Illumanator cartridge attaches to your arrow by simply unscrewing your broadhead, sliding it on the arrow and screwing broadhead back on. At impact the cartridge separates. The outer piece slides back over your veins allowing the pigment to eject. This release of pigment coats the outside of the animal as well as enters the wound channel dumping into the body. As the animal leaves the impact sight anything it brushes against causes pigment to attach to it. As the animal begins to bleed the pigment will be present in the blood trail. The Illumalight is the key, as you approach the area in which the animal was at impact you simply turn your illumalight on and be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY.


What does the pigment look like?

A trail of fire, one speck of pigment the size of a pin head can be seen from over ten feet away. The impact sight will look like burning embers in a campfire



IllumAnight Combo Pack

The combo package contains (3) live cartridges, (1) practice cartridge, (1)storage container and (1) 9 LED tracking light.? You must have the light to get the optimal results.


Illumanight Combo Pack




IllumAnight Refill Kit

Refill Kit contains 3 refill cartridges


Illumanight Refill Kit